ISS – On The Loose – under Peak Gullingen

Flott veke med sjetteklassingar frå Aspervika skole
desember 4, 2020
Fantastisk vintervær i heia
januar 15, 2021


Our last week this season has been perfect in all ways. We’ve had the pleasure of teaching the 5. graders from International School of Stavanger, the greatness about the Norwgian outdoor life, even et this time of year. The students have learned and ecperienced a lot under the Peak Gullingen. We already miss the smily and eager students from ISS.

Thanks to both students and ISS teacher for a perfect week.

We wish you and our followers a Merry Christmas and a splendid New Year.

Below you’ll find a lot of pictures and a log from the students.

Log from International School of Stavanger, 5. graders
Week 50 in 2020

Gullingen Leirskule is a fun place where you learn fun stuff like how to gut fish and the circle of life. We played games outside in the dark at night. There were funny times, like when Jan Erik told a story with fish and the “boy” ended up being a “girl-fish”, not a boy-fish…. 😊

In the end, Gullingen is a fun place where you learn a lot about nature and make good memories!

Thanks for our stay here at Gullingen.